Episode 95

She's Five for a Living


November 27th, 2012

1 hr 30 mins 49 secs

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TOPIC: Intro to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”

This week, Dan and Merlin start a long-overdue three-part storyline on David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.[1]

How do you unwad that giant crapball of stuff you call a life? The answer is simple, but it’s not so easy. You need a trusted system in which to collect, process, review, and—yes—do all the things that matter.

Getting Things Done is inarguably one of the best and most influential self-help books of all time for a good reason: it’s a candid, realistic, and painfully honest way to get out of your hole, and then stay out.

This week, we start with the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of GTD, as well as the myriad and thorny problems it can help you address.

So, pick up your own copy of GTD, read it through, then join us for a detailed tour of the system that changed Merlin’s game and helped jumpstart his online career.

  1. ©DavidCo, 2001.  ↩

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