Episode 601

Big Broom


January 3rd, 2023

1 hr 12 mins 28 secs

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DISCUSSED: Merlin is excited about reading, and Dan sometimes puts his time in a box. Also: Breaking Bad.

Episode Links

  • Living In Expectation of the Unexpected Gift — This text discusses how modern society has become heavily reliant on technology to manage and optimize our lives, but in doing so has resulted in a lack of joy and satisfaction in life. It suggests that instead of allowing technology to take over, we should take the time to question our motives and desires, and to seek out the higher activities that freedom should be won for.
  • not disappointing myself - by Ava - bookbear express — This text is about the importance of listening to oneself and following one's true desires in order to lead a fulfilling life. It encourages readers to trust their emotional reactions and not to be too focused on external validation. The author explains that it is important to disappoint others in order to avoid disappointing oneself, and that it takes time to learn to listen to oneself. Ultimately, it is only by listening to the truest and most beautiful version of oneself that one can live a truly fulfilling life.
  • Ideas That Changed My Life · Collab Fund — This text discusses 10 big ideas that have changed the author's life, including the influence of identity on beliefs, the importance of multi-discipline learning and understanding how people respond to incentives, the power of self-interest and persuasion, the value of room for error, and the need for sustainable sources of competitive advantage. The author also argues that personal experiences can lead to bias and suggests that people should explore multiple points of view when trying to understand why others behave as they do.
  • Brent Beshore on Twitter: "Recently asked, “What are the ten biggest ideas that changed your life?” Great/hard question. Here's where I landed... 1) Imago Dei: Every person is inherently valuable independent of behavior and beliefs. Everyone matters. Treat people accordingly, without exception." / Twitter — This document discusses ten life-changing ideas. These ideas include: Imago Dei, Rationality, Meaningful = Hard, Base Rate, Messy, Margin of Safety/Redundancy, Serving vs. Served, Non-Linearity, Forgotten, and Invert. They all have to do with viewing life in different ways in order to achieve goals and improve overall wellbeing.
  • Year of Rage: The Oscars Slap and Other Shocking Moments in 2022 - The New York Times — This text discusses the collective anger felt in the US in 2022 and examines the sources of the anger that have been present for several years. It examines the idea of 'LIFEMORTS', which are triggers for rage, and how they are all being activated right now during the pandemic. It also looks at the idea of 'angertainment', and how politicians use it to sow dissent and stoke anger. Finally, it suggests ways to manage the anger, such as acknowledging it and then trying to let it go.
  • I’m a very slow thinker | Derek Sivers — The author of the text is a "slow thinker" who does not have an immediate reaction to interesting conversations or deep questions, but rather takes time to think and come up with a response later on. They don't mind if this makes them look stupid in the moment as they are not trying to win debates and often ask for questions in advance for interviews. The author believes that the first reaction is usually outdated and suggests that instead of immediately providing an answer, it is better to take time to think and come up with a response. They also suggest that by example, this could show other people that they can do the same.
  • Things you're allowed to do — This document outlines various things that can be done to make the most of resources and gain knowledge and decision making skills, such as hiring a researcher or expert consultant, running surveys, visiting a physical therapist, buying task-specific devices, engaging a human productivity monitor, repairing or getting things repaired, and asking for free upgrades or coupons. It also includes examples of services that can be purchased such as grocery delivery, laundry service, nannies, giving to charity, task-specific devices, hotels, and personal assistants. Additionally, the document lists sources of experts and research and data.
  • Theses on Sleep - Alexey Guzey — In this essay, Alexey Guzey questions common beliefs about sleep such as the need for 7 hours of sleep, potential harms of acute and long-term sleep deprivation, and the bidirectional relationship between sleep and mania/depression. He suggests that acute sleep deprivation may not be harmful and might even be beneficial in some contexts, and that humans can adapt to long-term sleep deprivation. He also argues that sleeping less than the recommended 7-9 hours per night can result in more wakefulness and therefore should not be seen as harmful. Guzey presents evidence from experiments, data from sleep studies, and personal anecdotes to support his claims.
  • Being a working mother in America in 2022 was sleepless - The Washington Post — This article reflects on the experience of being a working mother in America in 2022, where child-care shortages, lack of sleep, and inadequate support systems have made it difficult to thrive. Despite the exhaustion and the challenges, the author remains hopeful, wishing for moments of rest and glimpses of better things. She encourages readers to struggle on towards those better things, and ultimately, to be able to get a good night's sleep.
  • Readwise Reader | The first read-it-later app built for power readers. — Save everything to one place, highlight like a pro, and replace several apps with Reader.
  • Andy Tryba on Twitter: "Time-boxing is an effective tool @elonmusk and @billgates use to manage their calendars. But few use it since it’s too complicated. Here is a simplified version I call the ABC Method: 🧵 https://t.co/qz2ApZc4MR" / Twitter — Time-boxing is an effective tool @elonmusk and @billgates use to manage their calendars. But few use it since it’s too complicated. Here is a simplified version I call the ABC Method: 🧵
  • What is Timeboxing? 14 Examples and Use Cases [2022] • Asana
  • Inside The Explosive Season 4 Finale | BEHIND THE SCENES | Breaking Bad - YouTube — Includes huge SPOILERS for "Breaking Bad." Don't watch until you've finished Season 4. Seriously.