Episode 566

Vice-President of Doing It Wrong


February 15th, 2022

1 hr 35 mins 44 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

DISCUSSED: your hosts can't complain (but, sometimes, they still do); a provisional craving for secular pre-cana; what are your canonical family holidays?; Dan has to sign something; a quick clarification on eels; Dan has some camera struggles, but Merlin offers advice that's costly and not actually all that useful; as Merlin re-approaches his World of Text, he is obviously getting even more gaybones for VS Code; and, finally, Merlin begins sketching his new project about energy, fuel, and courageous non-vacations.

Runner-Up Titles

  • A Defensive Fist
  • My Uneasy Gait
  • Your Backdoor Camera
  • A Brace of Nips
  • If I’m to Be Your Gamera

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