Episode 229

Shrimp in the Desert


July 14th, 2015

1 hr 32 mins 52 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

TOPIC: The perils and joys of just getting started.

This week's episode is chockablock with awesomeness, from the sublime to the ridiculous. It ends on a very inspiring note. But, en route:

  • Mexican guys love Morrissey
  • Shabbos goys cause fire to be created
  • An eruv is an ad hoc house described by string
  • Merlin has Aloha for Judaism
  • Teaching History is hard
  • America owes some apologies
  • Endorsing "Ordinary People Change the World" books
  • Endorsing Mr. Robot and Humans
  • Thanks for great Holacracy feedback (more later)
  • Feedback on Merlin's lightning cable corrosion
  • Dan's Concern: Acura recall
  • What's up with "over the shoulder syndrome?"
  • Is it dangerous to talk on a phone in the car?
  • Is it dangerous to approbate?
  • HUGE followup on "perfect is the enemy of the good"
  • Just make a mark on a page.

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