Episode 114

I'm Moving to FudgePacker


April 16th, 2013

1 hr 21 mins 30 secs

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TOPIC: Quicksilver and the OS X App Launcher Landscape

This week, Dan triumphantly returns from two weeks of crippling illness. So, the boys ease their way back into the groove with a grab bag of great follow-up, some Adventure Time talk, and a longer discussion of popular OS X App launchers, including Quicksilver 1.0, LaunchBar, and Alfred 2.

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    While we’re pushing out changes and improvements to Squarespace 6 almost daily, we wanted to point out a few recent updates that you might find helpful:
  • [PODCAST] 70Decibels - CMD+SPACE - 038 - Inbox Zero and New Projects, with Merlin Mann
    On a very special episode of CMD SPACE Myke is joined by Merlin Mann to discuss Inbox Zero, starting New projects and a fun discussion about Adventure Time (as well as a little about comics, of course).
  • [PODCAST] 5by5 | Mac Power Users #132: Merlin Returns
    Returning for his annual appearance, Merlin Mann joins Katie and David to talk Evernote, GTD, iPad, Podcasting and his favorite Apps.
  • Fat Cat Software – iPhoto Library Manager
    iPLM also gives you the ability to copy your photos from one library to another, while keeping track of photo metadata that is normally lost when exporting from one library and importing into another. Titles, dates, descriptions, keywords, ratings, faces, and place information are all transferred along with the photos, ensuring that you keep all that information you spent hours entering into iPhoto. Event and albums are also reconstructed when copied, and both the edited and original copies of each photo are copied as well. You can split up a large library into multiple smaller libraries, merge entire libraries together into a big one, or rebuild a corrupt library that is causing iPhoto to hang or crash.
  • Drafts: Action Directory
    This directory contains pre-configured custom actions to extend Drafts beyond the actions that come preinstalled with the app. If you have Drafts, browse this directory on your iOS device – when you find an action that interests you, tap the "Install" link and it will be installed in your local version Drafts. Any actions you install can be modified or deleted in the Drafts settings.
  • [GUIDE] Success! Install 10.8 on old unsupported Mac - MacRumors Forums
    Hi, Welcome. First of all. What is "MLPostFactor" you might ask. Well. As we all know, Apple has dropped OSX Mountain Lion support for older generation of Macs (2006~2008 Macs). The goal of the project is to support all those "drop out" Macs. So we designed this app to do just that. Read more @ Post
  • App Cubby • Hand Crafted iPhone Apps - Launch Center
    It’s like speed dial, but for more than just phone calls! Launch Center Pro creates lightning quick shortcuts to specific features buried deep within apps. Call a loved one, message a friend, launch Instagram’s camera to quickly snap a pic, tweet, or turn your iPhone into a flashlight. Launch Center Pro gets you to where you’re going faster than ever before!
  • [PODCAST] 5by5 | Mac Power Users #133: Alfred 2
    David and Katie take a deep dive into Alfred 2.0, an application launcher and productivity application for Mac.
  • Forecast
    [awesome web app with detailed weather conditions]
  • Allen Hoskins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Allen Clayton Hoskins (August 9, 1920 – July 26, 1980) was an American child actor, most famous for portraying the character of Farina in 105 Our Gang short films from 1922 to 1931.
  • Quicksilver — Mac OS X at your Fingertips
    Quicksilver is a fast and free Mac OS X productivity application that gives you the power to control your Mac quickly and elegantly. Quicksilver learns your habits, making your everyday chores simple and efficient.
  • Quicksilver — LoveQuicksilver Blog
    After almost 10 years of testing, Quicksilver lays the beta tag to rest. (If the lack of an eszett brings a tear to your eye, you can always reminisce by hitting ?S on your keyboard). What does this release mean? It means more than just a change in the version numbering system - it signifies a maturity of Quicksilver and a sign of what’s to come.
  • Quicksilver — LoveQuicksilver Blog
    With the release of Quicksilver v1.0, I sat with Quicksilver’s lead developers (at our respective far-flung computers) to gather their thoughts on this historic occasion, and to find out a bit more about Quicksilver behind the scenes.
  • Alfred App - Productivity App for Mac OS X
    Alfred is an award-winning productivity application for Mac OS XAlfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips.
  • Share your Workflows - Alfred App Community Forum
    Share your workflows with fellow Alfred v2 users.
  • LaunchBar 5
    LaunchBar is a smart and powerful, keyboard driven productivity utility that lets you access and control every aspect of your digital life. Whatever you want to get done on your Mac – with LaunchBar it’s only a few keystrokes away.
  • LaunchBar - Switcher’s FAQs
    We’ve noticed an ever increasing number of former Quicksilver users who switched over to LaunchBar, so we’d like to provide an overview of some of the differences and to answer the most frequently asked questions in this regard.
  • Butler · Many Tricks
    Butler's purpose is to ease all those routine tasks you do every day: controlling iTunes, opening programs and documents, switching users, searching for stuff on the web, and more.
  • Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde | This American Life
    Dr. Benjamin Gilmer gets a job at a rural clinic. He finds out he’s replaced someone — also named Dr. Gilmer — who went to prison after killing his own father. But the more Benjamin’s patients talk about the other Dr. Gilmer, the more confused he becomes. Everyone loved the old Dr. Gilmer. So Benjamin starts digging around, trying to understand how a good man can seemingly turn bad.
  • Ep. 69: "Campfire Spaghetti Party" - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann
    The Problem: People would treat you so differently if you were literally riding a bear.
  • malinger - Wiktionary
    malinger (third-person singular simple present malingers, present participle malingering, simple past and past participle malingered)(intransitive) To feign illness, injury, or incapacitation in order to avoid work or obligation.It is not uncommon on exam days for several students to malinger rather than prepare themselves.[edit]
  • kung fu grippe - "Chasing the RIght Zero"
    Once you’ve dedicated yourself to making the things you love, every inbox can and should become a well-monitored servant rather than a merciless master. Because, at the risk of sounding a little fruity, I believe that a life in which we habitually abandon the known Good Things in order to helplessly stab at ““managing”” a nebulous morass of chaoses that we can never control is not much of a life at all.
  • Snitchware – WeatherSnitch 2
    The search for the perfect weather app is over.Beautiful weather conditions, a brilliant interface,and all the weather information you need.
  • Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1: Cory Walker, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley: 9781582405001: Amazon.com: Books
    Get in on the ground floor! This massive hardcover collects the first 13 issues of Robert Kirkman's Eisner-Nominated super-hero, along with all the extras from the first three trade paperback volumes and even more on top of that! Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Volume 1 is a can't-miss for anyone who's wanted to start reading Invincible, but needed an easier way to start from the beginning.
  • The Enchiridion (book) - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical!
    The Enchiridion (which translates to "The Handbook" or "The Manual") was an ancient book with codes of conduct, guidelines, and other helpful information for heroes. The book had great power which allowed it to tear open worm holes between dimensions in the multiverse. It was destroyed by Finn in "The Lich" in order to stop the Lich from gaining access to the multiverse (although, the Lich still made it. See "The Lich" for more details.)
  • Simon & Marcy - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical!
    Ice King and Marceline 996 years ago.
  • A Glitch Is a Glitch - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical!
    Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum.
  • Dad's Dungeon - The Adventure Time Wiki. Mathematical!
    Jake feels conflicted when his father forces him to try and hold Finn back in a dungeon meant to toughen Finn up.
  • Please Stop Fighting About Your Smartphone | Gadget Lab | Wired.com
    Here’s the thing: Every phone can be right, for the right reasons. Every platform can be wonderful. (Do you know how easy it would be to make a BlackBerry joke right here? Do you? I’ve got the joke right here in my pocket. You sense it even. You’re dying to make it yourself. Go ahead. This one time. Just do it. Whisper it. I’m listening.) Here’s the thing. That Blackberry Z10? It’s right for someone, somewhere. It really is. There’s someone out there who will take that phone home and love it. Just completely love it. Not in a romantic, or sexual way. (I hope.) But nonetheless, love.
  • Mac OS X Automation: Services Manager
    [An _indispensable_ app for turning OS X Services on and off and easily setting command keys]
  • Cobook Contacts - the new iPhone and Mac address book
    A better address bookFind contacts faster and organize them with tags. Get integrated social profiles and keep contacts up-to-date automatically.
  • Soulver | Acqualia
    Soulver helps you work things out. It's quicker to use than a spreadsheet, and smarter and clearer than a traditional calculator. Use Soulver to play around with numbers, do "back of the envelope" quick calculations, and solve day-to-day problems.
  • Drafts - Agile Tortoise
    Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. In Drafts, text comes first – open the app and get a new, blank draft. Don’t get bogged down in a timeline to tweet or post to Facebook and App.net. Don’t tap through multiple screens to compose an email or SMS. Don’t navigate folders, create files and name them just to jot down a note or create a todo. Drafts is available for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast
    A Tech Podcast We Accidentally Created While Trying to Do a Car Show. Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa.
  • Drafts - Agile Tortoise

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